Welcome to furbyfrenzy.com! Here you can learn about the upcoming Nickelodeon series Furby Frenzy.. --> Furby Frenzy is an upcoming American children's animated comedy series designed by me and for Viacom Productions and the global children's network Nickelodeon. The cast of this show are Mellow Yellow the Viking Furby (voiced by Lorraine Lindsay) Ready Red the Drummer (voiced by Philis) Aquastresh (voiced by Lorraine Lindsay) The Magic Assistant (voiced by AT&T Mike (American TTS voice)) The Leader Furbling (voiced by me) EAS Announcer (AT&T Mike (American TTS voice)) North Furbea Furbys ( voiced by Donald Trump) The Leader Furby Boom (voiced by Laura) And thats all the characters Age Rating TV-Y7 F <